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Left of Nowhere
When the going gets tough.. the tough get plastered.
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15th-Dec-2005 07:39 pm - [mod post]
leeroy cat
The following changes have been made to the community:

1. Blues (blues_traveller) has been removed as a maintainer due to an upcoming IC surrender of the bar.

2. The place has been retconned slightly to accommodate a wider range of play. Combat is now allowed without the niceties of a no-violence field, but is restricted to unpowered melee. Special abilities, magic, energy weapons, and range attacks are prohibited. Combat is to knockout only-- the bar will remove anyone knocked out in melee to a location the character perceives as safe. Also, restrictions on posting types have been removed, though the descriptions remain for newbies and people with writer's block.

3. Moderator information has been removed until the mod pool settles out some and some life gets back in the boad. If there's a lot of interest, it'll be reinstated.

That is all. :3
15th-Dec-2005 04:33 pm(no subject)
Two down, two left to go. Protoman warped into the bar in his armor this time, looking around thoroughly. After Forte attacked him when he was trying to be peaceful, he wasn't going to be caught unprepared again. He just wanted the cat, and with any luck, he'd get it and be gone without being noticed.
13th-Dec-2005 04:16 pm - some time later....
The mysterious kitten had been fed and placed in a nest of blankets by the fireplace. The unmistakable puddle of robotic circulatory and hydraulic fluids had been mopped up. Even the ruffled up tables and chairs had been straightened meticulously back to their original positions as only someone with a photographic memory could manage.

Blues gently stroked the sleeping kitten's fur and waited patiently for Forte to return. He hadn't bothered to change from his armor yet, which was still showing a few faint scorch marks from his recent fight with Bass. He just waited, patiently. Still. Quiet.

Forte would have to do some fast talking if he didn't want to find out why Blues had developed such a long fuse. Long fuses, after all, didn't mean a temper any less explosive. And the unseen, faint twitching of one of Blues's eyebrows showed that his temper was ready to explode.
12th-Dec-2005 05:41 pm(no subject)
Protoman wandered into the bar. His usual attire--torn jeans, faded t-shirt, and old sneakers--were now combined with a new jeans jacket. He was dripping wet from head to toe and left large puddles behind him when he walked. He looked tired, and shivered now and then. He had a small bundle of something in his hands, which he placed carefully on the counter. Looking around, he could see no one.

"HEY! Is there any goddamned service in this hellhole?"
5th-Nov-2005 07:05 pm(no subject)
**Blues and Mega teleported into the bar, Blues proceeding to make a graceful leap over the counter before grinning and leaning on his elbows, looking at the alternate of his little brother.**

So.. how much chocolate are you thinking of? I've got a lot of different recepies.
23rd-Oct-2005 08:50 pm - Decemberween Party Thread
**The party bags were hung by the fireplace with care, as the monster mash thumped on the stero system. Bat garland was wound with little orange and purple lights, and there was a whole table full of little party favors. The entire bar had been decorated for Decemberween, and Blues had even gotten into the act by wearing one of his disguises from his wandering days-- a travelling bard who looked to have come straight from a fantasy novel, the effect of which was only slightly marred by his ever-present sunglasses.

There was a large jar of eyeballs where the tip jar used to be, as well as a small sign explaining that drinks were on the house during party hours. Large bowls of candy and other party fare were on some of the tables on the kitchen side of the bar, and of course there was a large amount of extra s'more supplies on hand.

With a grin, Blues poured himself a glass of elven honey mead and toasted the assembled.**

"To a merry Decemberween!"
16th-Sep-2005 05:52 pm(no subject)
::Dr. Wily wanders in, looking irritated, and holding a toaster. Which is singing. Loudly. And offkey.::

A bar? Just what I need. Alcohol. I want a beer.


And I do have a question? Does anyone know how to fix my toaster? It is... broken.

::The toaster starts singing the "I love you" song from Barney."::

Dammit Pepi! Stop that! So yes... I need someone to fix it. I did not program him to do that. I think this is all Gate's fault. I offered to make him a virus. And I think Pepi got too close when I was making the virus. So... ::he holds out the toaster:: Is there anyone who knows how to devirus a toaster?
14th-Sep-2005 08:59 pm - Opening day. :-)
**Blues finished polishing the last few square centimeters of the bar, eyeing his reflection in the marble surface before sighing slightly and reaching under to push a quick code into the keypad there. The front door clicked loudly, a soft breeze whispering through the empty establishment for a moment as the whole place seemed to sigh. After a moment, Blues selected a glass and a bottle at random, pouring a finger's worth of the liquor before raising his glass to the expectant room.**

To endings.. and new beginnings.

**He skulled the drink before bursting into a fit of coughing.**

Of course I picked the strong stuff....
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